Design House Interiors

Design House Interiors is owned and operated by a team of three seasoned Designing Women each offering a unique contribution to the firm.  This well rounded team has the ability to offer clients concept to completion management in all phases of interior design, kitchen and bath renovations, as well as vacant home staging.

Always keeping the homeowners wish list a priority, DHI designs beautiful yet functional interiors our clients love and enjoy. The Partners and staff at DHI are committed to helping our clients achieve a look that is uniquely their own, filling the home with furnishing, artwork and accessories that speak to them and their lifestyle.

With our comprehensive offerings, always in style showroom and our knowledgeable staff, working with an Interior Design Firm has never been more fun!  Whatever your interior design needs, DHI has the ideas, products and passion to bring your vision to life, so dream big and always…. 

Imagine Fabulous