Can You Dig It?


Recently we had the privilege of working once again with the House That Social Media Built on their latest venture, the “Clamdigger” located in Guilford, CT. The name of the home was chosen because the house is just steps from the train station and this particular train line back in the day, was called just that, the Clamdigger.

With the home located so close to the train, we started to think about who might live in this newly renovated house with its upper and lower gracious front porch, completely open floor plan first floor, large master suite and small bonus room with a loft at the top of the stairs. As suited as the home is for a small family, it really felt to us like the perfect home for a single male who travels into Manhattan regularly for work… or play.

Interior Design 

With our ideal homeowner in mind, we got busy designing for our mystery man. We chose to do a relaxed slightly industrial, Boho look with the design. Nothing fussy or frilly. In our main living space, we chose a large sectional in a light color to keep the space feeling open and accented it with a deconstructed wing chair, a woven rug and sports themed colors of blues and burnt orange. Behind the sofa is a wood desk and some additional seating, perfect for company or poker night.

In our dining area, we added a large stainless steel topped table and paired it with a hide bench and large comfy dining chairs. In the corner we chose a wood cabinet to act as our perfect bar, a necessity for any ‘cool guy’ pad.

As you climb the stairs you enter into a small bonus space with a loft. We chose to make it playful with stuffed animal head wall hangings, a small love seat and shag carpet. The perfect spot for a good read or afternoon snooze. 

Our Boho boy look was played up in the master bedroom with the addition of mismatched bedding, rock and roll artwork, casual seating and of course, our mystery guy would play the guitar, so we added that too! 

In the end, the whole look was uncluttered, collected and just plain cool. The perfect guy pad concept was brought to fruition when the home was sold to a man who dug our style and of course travels to the city often. Proof once again that a well-seasoned staging professional can read a room and set the stage for success!