Fab Finds

March 15, 2019

While searching for a dresser “with style” , I came across this beautiful two tone wood dresser,
What really captured my attention were the silver hoop pulls.  Loved the sleekness of the piece, the light wood trim that compliments so many floor coverings, accented by the unexpected silver pulls.  
And, a bonus, the client loves orange and the piece worked so well with her existing pieces.  It was a perfect fit.  

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March 8, 2019

Pillows bring a visual softness, texture and warmth to your home that is absolutely necessary to get that cozy, lived-in look that most of us want to achive within our homes! Us designers are really serious about our pillows, can you tell?
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March 1, 2019

While sourcing for a hip Scandinavian style space, we came across these amazingly affordable indoor/outdoor rugs!
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February 22, 2019

Gallery Walls

I love to design gallery walls for our client’s spaces.  With so many choices, it truly shows the personality of the owners and defines the home.  Think of the totally different feel a wall of family photos framed in silver on a full wall gives versus vintage valentines framed around a window or door.  And mixed elements can be used.  Photos, children’s drawings, favorite cards.  It can all work.  And the space – full wall, unusual location, even the drama of a floor to ceiling gallery.  Then, there is the framing to consider or, in some cases, the lack of them. Your framing choice can make the wall formal or whimsical.  And, finally the placement.  I’d like to say it comes easy, but it doesn’t.  It’s like a puzzle that you move around A LOT until you get the feeling you wanted it to portray.  Once it’s installed, you will always see something new in it that makes you smile.