Time for an Update!


If you’re a regular facebook follower (and we hope you are!), you may have recently seen a fun live video of us showing off our latest home renovation.   This was our first time using facebook live and we loved how interactive it is. It was so fun to see how many of you were watching and hopefully enjoying all of our apparent, slightly over the top excitement!  But how can we help ourselves when we get to do what we love!

Project Overview

This project featured is all about updating! Our homeowners were ready to take their dated colonial into the 21st century and we were ready to give it to them!  After gathering their wishlist and inspiration, our team got busy measuring the entire first floor; and once on the computer, we were able to virtually reconfigure the floor plan by moving walls, adding windows, placing our cabinetry, furnishings and more… after the design was approved by our client and confirmed by our amazing contractors.. we got busy!   And if you can believe it, within 8 weeks we were sitting pretty! The dull, dark and dated decor in the photo at left became the open, light, airy and if we don’t say so ourselves, Fabulous space below!

The Final Result

Can you believe just how much space was hiding behind those walls above??  Just think of the square footage value we’ve just created!  And it doesn’t stop in the kitchen.. We’ve added a valuable mudroom area, office and guest room space as well as a new tucked away laundry closet.

The family room got an update too with a new look on the fireplace and all stylish furnishings, lighting and accessories!

Our homeowners were thrilled with the results, and we are thrilled to be able to share what can happen when you trust the process and work with professionals.  

Take a full tour by viewing the attached video and for your complete home renovation, remember us..Design House Interiors is happy to help!